How to Improve Your Golf Game With Training Aids

MVP Sports MorodZ Alignment Rods, image:

MVP Sports MorodZ Alignment Rods, image:

At any playing level, it is best to consider using your time between rounds to improve your game. One of the best ways to do this is with golf training aids. Even without hitting a golf ball you can improve three of the most important factors in your golf swing: alignment, feel, and a repeatable swing.

Indoor Golf Training Aids & Short Game Training Aids

How many times have you hit a shot and watched it fly towards the trees? Then, you look down at your feet to discover you have hit the ball right where you aimed. Misalignment is the great destroyer of golf shots. Lightweight alignment rods remove the guesswork for how you stand up to the golf ball. The two fiberglass rods can be placed on the ground to check your set-up, hip alignment, and stance width. You can try positioning the rods parallel to the width of your putter head to perfect your putting stroke. The rods can also be used for exercises in developing a full body turn and as short game training aids to groove chip shot distances. When stuck in the ground, they become training aids to guide the full swing.

Training Aids to Improve Feel

Current golf training aids have now progressed to the point of standing in for your local golf instructor. Hinged swing trainers are engineered to collapse if the club ever leaves the proper swing plane. You receive instant feedback at the exact moment the club gets off plane, so you can analyze what part of the swing needs attention. The club will also “break” if the tempo gets too fast or slow and you can feel when the timing is getting out of whack. These collapsible practice clubs detect improper grip and excessive tension, picking up the club at takeaway, taking the club away too far to the inside, casting from the top of your downswing and other common swing errors.

Some of the best golf training aids for developing “feel” are those that permit you to see your golf swing. There are the tried and true video devices that let you stop at each move in the swing. More advanced technology has produced devices such as the SkyGolf SkyPro Swing Analyzer that uses 3D sensors to record thousands of data points on swing path, club head speed, shaft angles, club face rotation, and swing plane. This data is transmitted to an app on your smartphone for playback in high definition. Established checkpoints during the swing list real-time errors for rapid improvement.

Golf Swing Training Aids

The goal of all golf training aids is to foster a reliable and repeatable golf swing once the faults have been corrected. A golf training aid designed to build that swing is the Orange Whip. A weight on each end of the flexible shaft generates a low-impact stretch while swinging. Repeated swings build wrist and forearm muscles. As the Orange Whip is swung consistently, a natural rhythm develops. When that tempo goes out of sync, you can identify and adjust.

All these golf practice aids have one thing in common – there is no golf ball in sight. These are golf swing training aids. When the time comes, the golf ball will merely be getting in the way of a grooved swing built for the task.

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