The Importance of Golf Alignment

Alignment Rods, image:

Alignment Rods, image:

You’ve worked hard to master the fundamentals of golf. The correct grip has become automatic. You take a moment to insure proper posture before each swing. You pay attention to ball position. Settling into the ideal stance has become second nature. Yet there are still shots on the course that are going astray. What is going on?

Common Golf Alignment Problems

Every golfer has had the experience of making a crisp strike and looking up to seeing the golf ball unexpectedly flying towards the trees. Poor alignment at address is the culprit. Not aiming properly waylays more golf shots than any other factor during a round. If your pre-shot routine does not include conscious alignment on every shot, you will not have the foundation for consistent success.

It is an easy matter for a club face to wander off line during a round if not attended to – with grave consequences. A club face that is off target by only one degree will send the golf ball 15 yards off line. Even more insidious is what mis-alignment can do to the golf swing. When your body is mis-aligned, you will need to adjust your golf swing to bring the club back to the ball. Every correction variable that is introduced into the swing makes it that much more likely that a mishit will be the result.

Golf Alignment Tools

Aside from the beauty of the swings, one thing that always differentiates a driving range at a professional tournament from your local range is the presence of lightweight golf alignment rods. You will see professionals not just hitting golf balls, but practicing setting up their alignment with these fiberglass sticks laid out on the ground.

There is more to getting alignment correct than picking out a target and setting your feet to your intended ball flight with the alignment rods. You must also make certain that your shoulders, hips, and knees are all in unison with your feet and parallel to your selected line.

Alignment Is More Than Meets the Eye

Selecting a proper target line involves three factors – the ball, the target, and you. To create the best mental image of all three, you need to start behind the ball to envision the imaginary line you want. If you wait until getting in your stance to set your target line, you are unable to factor your position clearly into your mind’s “eye.”

It is also difficult to see the alignment of your golf ball with a target 200 yards away. A better tactic is to select a landmark a yard or two in front of your ball – a leaf, a dirt spot or the like – that is on line with your ultimate target and aim at that. At this point you are ready to set your club at address. Using the leading edge (the bottom of the club), line the club face perpendicular to the intermediate target. Place your feet parallel to this target line, make sure your body follows your feet and you are properly aligned.

Alignment on the Green

Attention to alignment does not end when you reach the putting surface. Putts are simply miniature golf swings, and thus all the principles in play for properly lining up a full swing are in play on the green. Golf manufacturers realize the importance of alignment for these critical scoring shots and place a line on top of the putter face to reinforce the commitment to the selected line. has taken this concept directly to the golf ball with its exclusive new alignment aid printed half-way around the golf ball. The Tour-Proven AlignXL™ feature is available on all the top brands with no set-up charges and no minimum order.

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